Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Mousetrap Claptrap

“Build A Better Mousetrap And The World Will Beat A Path
To Your Door.”
  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Now, old RW was a super-wonderful intellect, essayist and poet, but in this case, he was just wrong, wrong, wrong! 

What if you invent a world-changing technology and keep it a secret?  Or put up a great website and don’t do any SEO?  Or write a brilliant book but never contact a publisher?  Why would the world beat a path to the door of someone they don’t know exists to obtain something they’ve never even heard of?  It’s a ridiculous proposition!

Marketing Was Invented To Tell Your Story

It informs people what’s new and wonderful, what’s tried and true, and all about the products and services that can improve their lives, their businesses and their minds.  When the caveman who invented the wheel told his friend, “Look what I did!”…that was marketing,

Take The World By Storm

SHOUT!  Don’t whisper.  And make sure someone hears you.

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