Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Are You Ready To Buy Yet?

You’ve laid the groundwork for a nice sale.  The “suspect” responded to one of your marketing pieces and asked for more information.  You sent the additional information and followed it up with a phone call thanking the prospect and asking if there is anything else you can answer to help them come to the best decision for them.  Wonderful.  Give your self a Gold Star.  You did everything right.

EXCEPT… you’re going to spoil it all in two weeks.

How do I know?  Because so many business owners and sales reps fall into this trap.   You call back two weeks later and, in effect, ask the prospect, “Well, do you want to buy yet?” or something equally as lame.

Here’s a hint.  Always have a valid reason to call.  New information, price changes, new and improved model coming out, great reviews from an industry magazine are all good reasons to call and will keep your prospect interested and thinking well of you as they reach their decision.

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