Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Two Sides Of Marketing - Understand the Difference Or Waste Time And Money

Whenever I do marketing workshops, I always ask folks to “tell me something about your marketing”.  Here’s a sample of the responses I get.

·         “We do radio spots on WXYZ”

·         “I send postcards to 5000 homes in my area

·         “We place brochures at the Chamber of Commerce”

·         “I go to lots of networking events”

·         “We do pay-per-click and e-mail campaigns”

Here’s the problem.  All of these are TACTICS.  Almost nobody thought to tell me about their STRATEGY!  And there is a difference.

TACTICAL Marketing Is The Delivery System For Your Message

TACTICAL Marketing is HOW & WHERE you market.  Websites, Brochures, TV, Radio, Direct Mail, Online, E-Mail, Social Media, Radio, Signage, Trade Shows, Telemarketing, Groupon, even Networking.

It‘s also WHEN you market. Seasons, Holidays, Events (like Back-To-School, Annual or Semi Annual “Sales”, etc.)

STRATEGIC Marketing IS Your Unique Message

Strategic Marketing is WHAT you say…

·         Your Story

·         Your Brand

·         Reasons to Buy from You (Benefits)

Create Your Strategy First

Create as compelling a message as possible before you go to the trouble and expense of delivering it.  Without a consistent, compelling message, your marketing tactics will notwork.

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