Thursday, May 19, 2016

Money Words Marketing Chosen As Branding Consultant By TopEdge Shears

Alan Tarr, President of MoneyWords Marketing in Mesa, Arizona announced today that his firm has been retained by TopEdge Shears as a consultant for brand strategy, website development and copywriting services.

TopEdge Shears will market a line of high quality haircutting scissors designed by hairstylists for quality, beauty and precision.  They feature hand-forged and hand-sharpened Japanese convex blades for that perfect balance and feel desired by exacting stylists and barbers.  All shears are manufactured exclusively from VG-10 Gold steel that starts sharper and stays sharp longer.  Additionally, each pair has specially designed ergonomic handles to prevent fatigue and repetitive motion injury.

Internet Direct

TopEdge will sell the shears direct via their website, beginning in late May 2016 at introductory prices ranging from $149 - $199.  All shears carry a 30-day money-back guarantee.

MoneyWords Marketing, a marketing and branding consultant, is tasked with creating the website and developing copy and additional content.  Mr. Tarr adds, “TopEdge is an internet start-up based in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  MoneyWords Marketing is pleased to be working with a company with the experience, vision and talent to make a positive impact on the professional haircutting shears market.”

For more information, contact Alan Tarr at


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