Saturday, May 14, 2016

Write Conversationally And treat your customers like friends

People relate to people.  That’s why professional copywriters most often try to write copy that’s conversational – as if they’re talking to a friend across the kitchen table.  Here’s an easy tip on how to do that and give your websites, advertisements and brochures that personal connection.

Use Present Tense, Second Person

Whenever possible, write in the present tense, second person (the “you” form).  It’s just plain easier to read and understand.  Compare these two sentences. 

1) "People will feel like a pampered celebrity on a Sun World Cruise.”

2) "You feel like a pampered celebrity on a Sun World Cruise.”

Changing “people” to “you” brings in the more powerful second person.  Eliminating “will” takes you out of the uncertain future and into the present.

If you’re not a copywriter, try writing it yourself first and then do yourself a favor…send your copy to a professional copywriter service for a “second opinion”.  I promise it will be worth your while.

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